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Air conditioners

Our experienced team can install and maintain air conditioners according to your specific needs. We work only with next generation, and most energy efficient split AC units that minimize the environmental impact. We provide complex multiclima systems whereby one outdoor unit may service as much as 6 indoor units. 

The indoor units can have various design from the traditional wall mounted style to ceiling imbedded 4 directional complex solutions whatever your individual need might be. 

We often hear clients say: 'But AC is bad for the environment!'
We usually respond: Not if you also use it also for heating! Remember: next generation AC units are the most efficient and environmental friendly heating solution that you can have!

Air conditioners are air to air heat pumps that offer a great potential to be used as a heating solution that is actually environmentally friendly if used with moderation.Our seasoned teammembers will ensure quick and professional installation according to your specific location and expectations.  

We also offer blinds and shade solutions that further reduce energy consumption.

Combining ventilation systems with high tech split AC units do provide the most efficient heating solution (COP >4) that currently exists in the market, hands down beating gas, mazout. Additionally we provide air to water and water to water heat pumps as well that open new dimensions of comfort and convenience in home temparation. 

What types of AC units do we offer?

Our Split air conditioners can be wall mounted, ceiling mounted cassette style or radiator like low console type units or many other unique designs just as you desire.

We are specialists in multiclima systems where one outdoor units serves up to 6 indoor units hence saving space around your house. One thing is certain with high tech pressure testing and vacuum pumping operations we ensure that you do not have to worry about the long service life of your cooling system. We use next generation R32 refrigerant in all of our machines that provide for low noise, high efficiency and long life installations in accordance with latest regulations and environmental concerns.

We provide cooling equipment of all kinds including VRF and VRV systems that can handle dozens of indoor units with remarkable efficiency. Our indoor units may come with attractive features including wifi, air purification, energy and time management, adjustable air-flow direction, programming, smart display all in an automated and convenient manner with remote control.