Biomass and Pellet boilers Image

Pellet boilers

Pellet burners / biomass heating and electricity generating systems are considered renewable energy and are supported by generous government subsidies of upto 70 % of the investment cost. Biomass as well as pellets are wastewood used for heating and energy generation, and experts believe it is as environmentally friendly as any other ecological heating system due to their net CO2 neutrality. The pellet systems that we provide are turn key complete solutions that may come with a feeding system and large pellet storage as well as automatic ash removal. The emphasis is on automated solution that renders relative convenience with WIFI, little need for attention and high efficiencies.
The price of Pellet shows much less fluctuations than oil/gas or electricity hence it is a hedge against inflation and against expected price increases.  

Pellets are locally sourced in Luxembourg and are processed in a responsible way in order to ensure environmental friendliness. Our Pellet boilers are high quality, automated systems that provide surprisingly little need for intervention or maintenance. Pellet holders can be as large as 6 m3 and require infrequent top up. We work only with industry leading top brands that have proven their worth for decades. 

At your request we can also install exhaust air filtrations systems that further reduce the environmental impact of these state of art compact biomass boilers.