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Heating systems

We offer heat pumps, pellet burners and AC units coupled with ventilation systems that offer the most cost-efficient heating available in the market.

Heat pumps

1, Heat pumps combined with floor heating have become the no.1 heating solution of the 21st century thanks to their smooth operation, comfort and energy efficiency. We offer air to air, water to water and air to water heat pumps systems of top manufacturers at best in market prices. In 2022 Luxembourg has again started to subsidize heat pump heating solutions regardless of the energy class of the buildings. Subsidies can exceed 50 % of the investment cost in addition to the environmental and cost saving advantages of these high tech systems. Heat pumps use electricity to warm the water of radiators or underfloor pipe systems and are renowned for their ability to create as much as 4 or 5 times of the heat  (output energy) than the electricity used (input energy).The Output/Input energy ratio is called COP (coefficient of performance). The higher the ratio the better the energy efficiency of the heat pump. 

The heat pumps of residential heating systems are most often air to water heat pumps that pull energy from the air to warm up the water that is circulated in the radiators or floor heating. These systems operate best when the temperature of heating water is low hence floor heating is ideal when the temperature that is circulated is typically under 35 C.

The climate of Luxembourg is very much suitable for heat pumps that perform very well in mild winters. However, these heating solutions are comfortable to work as low as -20C, never challenging the limits of heat pumps. We install the best brands including Daikin and Mitsubishi that have proven to be most reliable and require only yearly maintenance.   

Older houses with not too great energy class may still be suitable for deploying heat pump systems if their radiators are changed (subsidized by the government) and enlarged to accomodate the requirement of low water temperatures where heat pumps work best. Nonethless, modern heat pumps can create water temperatures as high as 70 C hence weathering any extreme conditions if needed. 

Pellet boilers

2, Pellet burners / biomass heating and electricity generating systems are considered renewable energy and are supported by generous government subsidies of upto 70 % of the investment cost. Biomass as well as pellets are wastewood processed without the use of chemicals for heating and energy generation. Experts believe it is as environmentally friendly as any other heating system due to their net CO2 neutrality. These systems are highly automated, convenient and are optimised for clean burning hence for low emissions.