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Solar installations

We design, install and maintain solar panels for hot water and electricity generation purposes.

Photovoltaic installations are typically installed on rooftops or specialized platform/racking systems by converting the energy of the sun into electricity that can be injected into the grid or used by the system owner. The efficacy and return of investment of photovoltaic systems has improved significantly over the years. Luxembourg provides generous subsidies up to 50 % for new systems installed in 2022 and/or may provide very attractive feed-in tarifs fixed for 15 years.

We help design your system to the highest professional standards that may use sophisticated components like energy storage batteries, sun tracking systems, bifacial solar panels, performance optimisers  or hybrid inverters.

Every system is installed by us to meet maximum safety requirements to avoid any risk of excessive current or fire.

Let us do something about global warming here and now! We offer financing solutions that allow you to enjoy the cost savings of photovoltic installations without having to invest a single EUR!